Jedox BI software does not just do BI but also allow you to enter data to budget, plan and forecast the future in an interactive manner.

Jedox optimizes planning, analytics, dashboards and reporting with one unified solution for BI and CPM. The solution combines the highly scalable Jedox analytics engine with a consistent experience across all devices that is designed to empower business users.

Business Intelligence is the first step to becoming an informed enterprise. If you’ve implemented a BI tool, congratulations – you now understand the past. But when every department still manually forecasts on spreadsheets, you’ve only solved half the problem. To be relentless about optimising corporate performance, take the next step in becoming truly agile. Now is the time to use your insight to better plan the future.​

Are you analysing or still reconciling? Whether consolidating or budgeting, data volumes and complexity make gaining insight difficult. When you lose time gathering and reconciling data, you can’t support fact-based decision making. You can’t be a strategic partner to your business.

When Excel can’t cope ! 86% of organizations globally still use Excel for planning. Excel remains the standard tool for Financial Controllers, until slow planning cycles, manual adjustments, error-prone consolidations, and poor process-monitoring make Excel-hell a drag on personal productivity and a risk to your organization.

Jedox is designed to enable you to leverage your Excel skills to transform your reporting, budgeting and analysis. Easy to use so you can focus on business outcomes.